Do you think you could work for us? Do you have a love for teaching? Looking for a "Good" mixed school? Then we encourage you to check out our separate vacancy pages for further information on the roles available, along with the link to TES to enable you to apply. 

We aim to confirm receipt of all applications sent by email. Although we try to respond to every applicant by the end of the recruitment of process, we apologise if this does not prove possible due to the volume of applications and/or time constraints. We do appreciate your interest in The Hollyfield School.

The Hollyfield School is Secondary Co-Educational Academy based in Surbiton. The school is a part of the Every Child Every Day Multi-Academy Trust and is striving to reach an "Outstanding" Ofsted report.

Expect Benefits

  • Expect an extended October Half Term
  • Expect the choice to do lunch duties or not
  • Expect only one break duty per week usually you are free the next period
  • Expect access to great onsite facilities
  • Expect the right amount of time for PPAs and the right amount of time to lead your area
  • Expect a Student Support Officer linked to your year group who doesn’t teach with the aim of removing all barriers to learning
  • Honorariums, Retention and Recruitment points for the right candidates

Expect Culture and Ethos

  • Expect a culture of earned autonomy
  • Expect to be encouraged to have a social life
  • Expect a culture where everyone is valued and wants to help
  • Expect a school calendar that is produced early, in consultation and completely mindful of work-life balance
  • Expect a school email protocol that values your weekends, your individual role and your life outside of school
  • Expect an inclusive school, dedicated to Restorative Approaches
  • Expect a coaching culture that empowers all staff to take effective control of their work

Expect Students & Student Admin

  • Expect detentions sensibly run by leaders to minimise administration and ensure time for restorative conversations and for teachers to plan great lessons
  • Expect quick, numeric and effective report writing no more than three times a year
  • Expect only three external student assessments a year
  • Expect a school with clear expectations for all students and unwavering support from leaders
  • Expect a Behaviour for Learning strategy that is clear, restorative and effective
  • Expect systems and software that minimise administration and maximise your time to plan, deliver and assess excellent learning
  • No written reports

Expect Learning & Feedback

  • Expect a sensible approach to assessment, monitoring and reporting that maximises impact while minimising workload
  • Expect sensible approaches to Year 11 Interventions with only one Trial Exam a year
  • Expect sensible feedback strategies that reduce workload but increase impact on student progress
  • Expect a culture of sharing of great resources across classrooms and schools
  • Expect lesson observations that are part of a holistic picture of effectiveness and ultimately developmentally focussed
  • Expect continuing professional development tailored to your own individual needs and career plan; led by a Trust nationally recognised for its commitment to CPD
  • Expect personalised induction and continued support as you start your role with us

And more...