All students are expected to wear the correct uniform and maintain the highest possible standards regarding their individual presentation.

All items bearing the Hollyfield logo and/or marked with an asterisk * are only available from School Zone which is located at Bentalls, Kingston, 3rd Floor or ordered through their online store  School Zone London or by telephone 020 8541 6790.


  • Black school blazer, badged pocket with gold trim* (available in fitted and standard fit styles).
  • Smart black shoes to be worn with black or white socks or black or natural tights (no patterns or designs)


  • White shirt, buttoned to the neck to be worn with school tie*                                                              OR
  • White rever collar (open necked) shirt with no school tie


  • Plain black school trousers (not to be denim, cord, combat or cotton chino style, fabric should not be stretchy)                                                                                                                                               OR
  • Hollyfield black, knee-length skirt with school logo on the left hem* or plain black, kneelength, front panel, pleated skirt


  • Black v-neck jumper with school logo* or plain black v-neck, long sleeved knitted jumper
  • White polo shirt with school logo* or plain white polo (summer only)
  • Shorts - Plain black tailored style, knee-length shorts (no sports styles or ‘short’ shorts) (Summer only)
  • Black rucksack with school logo*


  • Black and gold sports technical T-shirt with school logo*
  • Black sports shorts or skort with school logo* or plain black sports shorts (only corner logos allowed)
  • Black and gold sports socks with Hollyfield on leg* and/or short plain black or white socks for PE


  • Black Hollyfield training top* or plain black sweatshirt (not hooded)
  • Plain black training pants or joggers can be worn over the top of shorts
  • Hollyfield rugby shirt*
  • Plain black thermal base layer top and bottoms may be worn under sports top and shorts/skort


  • Football boots (for field)
  • Sports trainers (compulsory
  • Kit bag (plain black)


Full details of the school uniform are attached below.