Tutor Groups

The role of the form tutor is a very important part of the school’s pastoral provision and is the first point of contact if you or your child has any concerns.

Tutor time runs for thirty minutes a day, at the start of the school day and includes interventions such as:

  • Year group and bespoke assemblies - These are led by the heads of year, senior leaders and external speakers 
  • Delivery of the school’s PDW curriculum 
  • Checking attendance, homework calendars 
  • Celebrating successes
  • One to one discussions with students around key aspects of school 
  • Academic interventions 
Year /HOY & Key Staff Tutor Group
Year 7
Mr Blakley
SLT: Mrs Rhodes
SSO: Miss Bolla
Ms Kettell 7bFKE
Miss Neville 7rSNE
Ms Manchester 7bNMA
Ms White 7rKWH
Ms Wilkinson 7bLWI
Mr Murray 7rOMU
Year 8
Miss Jenkins
SLT: Miss Patel
SSO: Miss Wilkinson
Mr Case 8bLCA
Mr Hurst 8rRHU
Miss Roberts 8bHRO
Ms Wylie 8rEWY
Ms Blacker 8bHBL
Mr Vafidas 8rCVA
Year 9
Miss Offord
SLT: Miss Patel
SSO: Miss Wilkinson
Ms Ortiz 9bPOR
Ms Buhagiar/Mr Cooke 9rGST
Ms Emerton 9bKME
Mr Leather 9rMLE
Mr Humm 9bAHM
Miss Belben 9rEBE
Miss Wellstead 9rEWE
Year 10
Deputy Phase Leader
Mr Esmond
Ms Adams
SLT: Mr Buckman
SSO: Mr Upton
Mr Johnston 10bNJO
Mr Jones 10rBEJ
Mr Miller 10bDMI
Mr Seivright 10rGSE
Ms Turner Smith 10bJTU
Mr Goggin 10rWGO
Mr Roberts 10bBRO
Year 11
Deputy Phase Leader
Mr Esmond
Ms Adams
SLT: Mr Buckman
SSO: Mr Upton
Mrs Lunt 11bNLU
Miss Cunningham 11rSCM
Miss Lowery + Mr Russell 11bRLO
Ms Macauley 11rRMA
Miss Foot 11bEFO
Mr Fox 11rMFO

Year 12
Ms Alam

Year 13
Mr Hamilton

Head of 6th Form
Mr Warren

Miss Callaghan + Mrs Sawant 12ACAS
Mr Talbot + Ms Bras 12LLAB
Mr Nazir + Mr Francisco 12SNLF
Mrs Assam 13SAS
Ms Mirshahi 13PMI
Mrs Hodson + Miss Cotton 13LHSC
Mrs Callaghan + Miss Lovell 13 VCCL