Tutor Groups

The role of the form tutor is a very important part of the school’s pastoral provision and is the first point of contact if you or your child has any concerns.

Tutor time runs for thirty minutes a day, at the start of the school day and includes interventions such as:

  • Year group and bespoke assemblies - These are led by the heads of year, senior leaders and external speakers 
  • Delivery of the school’s PDW curriculum 
  • Checking attendance, homework calendars 
  • Celebrating successes
  • One to one discussions with students around key aspects of school 
  • Academic interventions 
Year /HOY & Key Staff Tutor Group
Year 7
Mr Blakley
SLT: Mrs Rhodes
SSO: Miss Bolla
Miss Lui 7JLU
Miss Neville 7SNE
Ms Fauriel 7MFA
Miss Cunningham 7SCM
Mr Newn 7CNE
Mr Talbot 7PTA
Year 8
Mr Blakley
SLT: Mrs Rhodes
SSO: Miss Emin
Ms Kettell 8FKE
Ms Manchester 8RHU
Mr Ahmed 8NMA
Ms Belmonte 8ABE
Ms Opie 8AOP
Mr Keefe 8DKE
Year 9
Miss Jenkins
SLT: Mr Kynes
SSO: Miss Emin
Mr Case 9LCA

Mr Cooke (Wed - Fri)

Mrs Lovell (Mon-Tues)

Miss Roberts 9HRO

Ms Sivanesanathan

(Mon, Thur Fri)

Mr Russell

(Tue and Wed)
Ms Blackler 9HBL
Mr Vafidas 9CVA
Year 10
Ms Paterson
SLT: Mr Buckman
SSO: Mr Upton/Miss Blackman
Mr Hall 10RHA

Mr Ives (Thurs and Friday)

Mr Ongoren (Mon, Tues & Wed)
Ms Emerton 10KEM
Mr Holmes 10MLE
Mrs Macauley 10RMA
Miss Belben 10EBE
Miss Wellstead 10EWE
Year 11
Mr Esmond
SLT: Mr Buckman
SSO: Mr Upton/Miss Blackman
Mrs Lunt 11NLU
Mr Jones 11BEJ

Ms Lowery (Mon, Tues and Thurs)

Mrs Callaghan (Wed and Fri)
Mr Goggin 11WGO
Mr Miller 11DMI
Ms Turner Smith 11JTU
  Mr Roberts 11BRO

Year 12
Mr Hall




Year 13
Mr Humm

Head of 6th Form
Mr Warren

Mr Owen 12GOW

Ms Sawant (Mon, Tues and Fri)

Mr Holmes (Wed and Thur)
   Ms Mirshahi 12PMI

Mrs Hodson (Mon, Tue and Thur)

Mrs Hudspith (Wed and Fri)

Ms Bras (Mon, Tues and Fri)

Mr Francisco (Wed and Thur)
Mrs Assam 13SAS
Ms Mirshahi 13PMI
Mr Nazir (Mon, Tue, Thur and Fri) 13SNA
Ms Vicenzi 13LVI