Results 2021/2022

The Hollyfield School’s Fabulous GCSE and BTEC Results 2022

Huge Congratulations to Our Hardworking Students and Staff

The Hollyfield School is thrilled to report excellent (and well deserved) GCSE and BTEC results this summer, which are a reflection of the hard work and resilience of our students and staff. 17% of Hollyfield’s GCSE grades were 8s or 9s (the very best students can achieve) and 32% were grades 7 to 9 (A* or A grades under the old system). An impressive 78% of our Year 11s achieved five or more grades 4 to 9 (the equivalent of the old A*-C), with 73% achieving five or more grades 4 to 9 including English and Maths. 60% of BTEC students achieved Distinction* to Merit.

There were some spectacular results for individual students: Stef Paraskevopoulos Pilello achieved an astronomical eleven grade 9s, while Lana Kaedbey was awarded eight grade 9s, one Distinction* and one grade 8. What superstars! Lana said she was proud because she gave it her all. She says: ‘It just goes to show that if you give 100% you get 100%’. David You also received an outstanding set of results: seven grade 9s, two 7s and one 6, with his classmate Yue Yin achieving six 9s, two 8s, one 7 and a grade 5. Eloise Hart-Davis is celebrating six grade 9s, three 8s and one grade 7, while Danny Paget achieved a truly impressive four grade 9s, five 8s and one grade 7. Eloise said she is proud of herself and very grateful to all the teachers who helped her. Sam Horner has every right to feel as proud as punch with his results: three 9s, three 8s, three 7s and one 6. A man of few words, Sam said: ‘Good results. Worked hard. Did well. Happy.’ Likewise, Adam Khalifa should be shouting from the rooftops that he achieved three 9s, one 8 and five grade 7s. Megan Thomson, Vigo McDonagh and Sarah Baban were awarded three grade 9s each, with Megan also achieving four 8s and a 7. Vigo rounded off his results with a grade 8 and three 7s, and Sarah took home two 8s and four grade 7s. We are very proud of them all.

In our core subjects (English, Maths and Science) there is every reason to celebrate. In English, 87% of those entered achieved a grade 4 or better and just over 75% achieved a 5 or above. 36% of students achieved grades 7 to 9 in English, which is an excellent achievement. Our mathematicians also did brilliantly, with 81% of those entered achieving a grade 4 or better, which is the equivalent of a C or above, and 28% of students were awarded grades 7 to 9. 100% of our students who studied the separate sciences achieved a grade 5 or better in all three sciences. 76% of all students achieved a grade 4 or higher in at least two science subjects.

Taking a closer look at ‘top end’ results, there are a number of subject areas where students excelled. In Music, 20% of students entered achieved a grade 9 and almost half (47%) achieved an 8 or better. In MFL, 26% of students who took the French Higher paper and 36% of Spanish Higher students achieved an 8 or better. In the sciences, 24% of Biology students completing the Higher paper received grade 9s, with 42% achieving at least an 8. Our Higher Chemists achieved fabulous results, too, with 18% achieving a grade 9 and 45% achieving an 8 or better. Physics students who took the Higher paper also smashed it out of the park, with 15% achieving a grade 9 and 36% taking home at least a grade 8. In Computer Science, History and PE, at least 20% of students achieved an 8 or better. 

Hollyfield’s BTEC courses also proved hugely  successful, with 31% of students achieving Distinction or Distinction*, which are the best possible grades. 60% of the cohort achieved at least a Merit, which is fabulous news, and testament to the hard work of the students and their teachers. There was particularly great news for our PE BTEC students, 66% of whom achieved Distinction or Distinction*s.

Key Stage 4 Phase Leader Nicholas Buckman, shared this message: ‘I am absolutely delighted with the results that have been achieved across the Year 11 cohort. Against the backdrop of a tumultuous and uncertain two years, our pupils have shown real resilience and determination to continue working hard and to do so with a positive attitude. I’m incredibly proud that for many, their efforts have been rewarded with some excellent grades and they are able to get onto the A-level and BTEC courses of their choice, as they begin the next exciting chapter of their education. One again, I extended my congratulations to Year 11 and I  wish them all well for the future.’

Headteacher, Amy Jackson, said: ‘Our Y11 students have achieved an excellent set of results; we are very proud of them. Over the course of their studies they have faced many challenges, not least those presented by Covid. But throughout it all they have maintained their strong work ethic, commitment and sense of humour. Congratulations once again to all of our students and their families.’

A Levels & BTEC Results

Hollyfield Sixth Form again proved its commitment to excellence on A-Level Results Day, with 50% of A-Level students achieving A*–B grades and 25% of students achieving A or A*. Among the many Hollyfield students who have won places at Russell Group universities, two students secured places at Oxford University: Tommy Keaney and Sam Jones, both with A*A*A* grades. There was BTEC success: 87% of students received Distinction or Merit. Mr Warren, Head of Sixth Form, said, ‘I’m so proud of our students and I am sure that they will flourish at university and in their future careers.’