ReachOut UK

At Hollyfield School we are proud to be in a partnership with ReachOut UK. ReachOut UK is a mentoring charity who work with young people to raise aspirations and help them grow in character and attainment.

ReachOut works with Hollyfield School to improve our students self-confidence and develop numeracy, literacy and communication skills whilst reinforcing core values of fairness, self-control, good judgement and staying power. They do this by providing our Key Stage 3 students an opportunity to have weekly one-to-one mentoring with positive external role models in society; they also provide them with team building activities to help develop their leadership skills, trust and responsibility. As well as weekly sessions, our young people are able to attend Work Experience Visits to organisations like HSBC Bank and London School of Economics where they are able to learn first hand about the industry.

Here are some examples of the fantastic feedback our young students have reported back about the programme:

“My mentor has helped/motivated me to participate more and that it doesn’t matter if I get the answer wrong because I can learn from my mistakes and improve.”

“ReachOut has helped me improve my confidence, and helped me make lots of new friends.”

I love attending Reach Out, I actually look forward to it in my week. I get to be with friends and learn some useful stuff as well”

For more information about ReachOut UK please visit their website: