Mission Statement

Hollyfield Promotes

  • High achievement
  • High standards
  • High expectations
  • Personal development
  • Moral values
  • Support and care
  • A sense of community

Hollyfield promotes the highest academic attainment with a caring, co-operative and orderly environment which fosters understanding and appreciation of, and respect for, its community.


  • To promote the highest academic achievement of which each pupil is capable
  • To equip pupils to become well adjusted members of a rapidly changing and increasingly complex society
  • To develop self-respect and the capacity to become indepdent, self-motiviating adults able to work as individuals and as member of a group
  • To appreciate human achievement
  • To help pupils develop considered beliefs, values and attitudes
  • To work towards equality of opportunity for all

Enabling Personal Development

Through individual coaching and target setting, we monitor pupil progress and ensure all our students are given advice and encouragement they need to fulfil their potential

Developing Moral Values

Through our comprehensive personal and social education programme we engage our students in debate about current moral issues. We ask our pupils to explore their own views and opinions to facilitate their development towards reaching their potential as responsible citizens.

A Sense Of Partnership

We believe that a quality education requires close cooperation between pupil, parent and school. Our home school partnership is a clear declaration of our belief in that cooperation. Regular liaison with parents is the key to meeting individual pupils needs. We achieve this with contact through homework diaries and parents evenings. Parents are kept informed about their child's progress each term. Our Parents Teachers Association organises regular educational and social events.

A Sense Of Community

We believe in traditional values, including honesty, hard work and consideration for others. Our mentor scheme encourages support and care bwteen the upper and lower school. Our Sixth Formers assist with reading in the lower school and are involved with welfare organisations in the local community.

A Sense Of Confidence

We believe it is important for members of the school to have confidence. Our pupils have confidence in their own skills to become high achievers. Staff and governors have confidence that they will take the school from strength to strength. Parents are confident that we will guide their daughters and sons to a successful future.