Education Fund

School Fund

We ask parents to make a voluntary financial contribution to the school on a monthly basis. The school spends the money on improving an aspect of school that positively impacts all students. The school will not spend these financial contributions to anything that will only benefit some students, even if it’s a larger group such as an entire year group.

We acknowledge that not all of our parents can make a commitment on a monthly basis. Having listened to those parents we also understand that some would like to make a contribution whenever they can.

To make this possible, we have set up a donation payment link in your ParentMail account. Simply login to ParentMail, click on Payments and Shop, select ‘Parent Donation’. We are grateful for any contribution you can make, regardless of the amount. Every penny will be spent improving students’ experiences.

You can also contribute your time by joining the school’s parent teacher association. There’s more information on the PTA on their microsite.