Careers at Hollyfield School

The Hollyfield School believes in raising the aspirations and ambitions of all its students, improving their eventual employability and life chances by providing a planned programme of careers education, individual advice and guidance; and work-related learning for all students in Years 7-13. The school bases its careers programme on the eight Gatsby Benchmarks. 

The Hollyfield school is committed to independent and impartial guidance. To address this, the school employs a Careers Adviser. This role is currently shared with Grey Court as part of a joint agreement between the Multi Academy Trust to deliver impartial careers information, advice and guidance

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We welcome support for our Careers Programme from alumni, parents, members of the local community, employers, training providers and Further and Higher Education Institutes. For further information about how to get involved please contact

The Careers Team

Matthew Winpenny Deputy Head and Careers Lead

Ian Poole Careers Coordinator

Bernie Corrighan Careers Adviser

Vicki Jones Careers Governor



Year 13 Destinations

Year 11 Destinations

Careers policy

Work Experience policy

Technical and Vocational Education access policy

Careers programme 2022-2023