Important Messages: Please see the letter from Ms Jackson regarding current arrangements.
Premises Hire

The Hollyfield School as a number of facilities which are available to hire outside of the normal school day, including evenings from 5:30pm until 10:00pm and weekends.

The following areas/building are available to hire:

Other areas of the school facilities can be hired but only by special arrangement. Please contact us with your request for consideration. All hire includes access to toilet facilities as appropriate.

Parking is available on the school site for about 50 cars. Parking at our playing fields in Chessington is restricted to 6 vechiles though street parking is available.

Where appropriate and where a specific request has been made, hire includes equipment such as whiteboards and projectors. Please check the room requested has these facilities. Where additional requrirements are requested such as sound systems there may be an additional charge.

First Aid and Welfare provisions are not included in any hire and remain the responsibility of the hirer to arrange.

The School reserves the right to refuse any bookings or to refuse admission to the premises to any potential hirer or those attending any hired events on safety of security grounds.

Important Information

The school premises is not licensed for the sale of alcohol. If these activities are being undertaken, you will need to arrange appropriate licences in advance from the local authority. Arranging these licences can take some time and so should be sought at the earliest opportunity.

No smoking is permitted in any part of the school buildings or grounds.

You must have third party insurance to cover your activities whilst on the school premises and if you are working with children a current DBS clearance. You will be required to send proof with your application. Regulations regarding Safeguarding Children and Young Adults mean that for any hire that is attended by children or young adult under the age of 18 years, it is the hirer's responsibility to supply information detailing their policies and procedures with regards to safe guarding children and ensuring that there are arrangements for the hirer to liaise with the school on safeguarding matters.

A deposit will be required at the time of booking with remaining charges payable one week before the hire. For regular bookings a deposit will be required for the first hire only.

Event Organisers are required to take all necessary and appropriate action to ensure that the requirement of all relevant legislation, codes of practice and guidelines are met in full at all times. In particular, organisers will:

  1. Be aware of the basic requirements of the Health and Saftey at Work Act 1974 and any other health and safety legislation and codes of practices relevan to the work of the school.
  2. ensure safe working conditions for personnel and any third parties using or visiting the school premises and facilities
  3. Undertake a risk assessment for the event and consider any ways to reduce the risks identified.
  4. Ensure any defects in the premises, its plant, equipment or facilities related to health and safety issues are made safe where possible and reported without delay.
  5. Encourage all personnel to suggest ways and means of reducing risks.
  6. Ensure appropriate First Aid is available

If you would like to arrange a viewing of the premises please contact the Facilities Manager, Graham Griffiths, to arrange an appropriate time.

To make an application or to recieve further information ring The Hollyfield Premises Team on 020 8339 4527 or email the Premises Manager by clicking HERE

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