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GCSE Results Day Information

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Results and Appeals Process GCSE / BTEC

Please find information concerning our results and appeals process for GCSE/BTEC

Please read through this document if you are considering an appeal.

Student information regarding appeals

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GCE Results Information 2020
Update from Mr Winpenny - 16th August

Dear Parents,

On Saturday (15th August) Ofqual published changes to the appeals process, which stated that mock exams/non-exam assessment could be used to appeal GCE grades awarded. However, this was then redacted on Saturday evening. At present, we are waiting for further guidance on how appeals can proceed, we expect this sometime on Sunday. We will post an update for parents and students when we understand the new requirements and explain how appeals can be made.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause your children, however we need to wait for clarification of what evidence we can submit.

If you would like to discuss this further or require any further information, please contact me via email (

Results and Appeals A-Level

Please find information concerning our results and appeals process for A Level.

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Examination Results & Information

Brilliant A Level Results for Hollyfield School with many subjects in the top 10% nationally.

The Hollyfield School has once again proved its commitment to excellence with 25% of entries receiving A*-A grades (9-7) alongside a predicted positive P8 score for Year 11 students overall. In English 79% of entries received a good pass with 70% attaining a good pass in both English and Maths. In single Sciences a fantastic 98% of entries achieved a good pass.  

Suraj Sridhar who achieved 11 Grade 9 and one A* said “I’m extremely thrilled to receive these results”. Kevin Feldhus who achieved 8 Grade 9’s 2 Grade 8’s and an A* responded “I am over the moon with my results. I would like to thank the amazing teachers” And Alice Chaplin who achieved 7 Grade 9 and 4 Grade 8’s said “I feel like all the hard work has paid off”  

Other notable successes were Benjamin Reeve who responded “The school has been extremely helpful and I look forward to staying at Hollyfield for sixth form” and Emmanuel Appiah who said “I am so thankful to the school and all the teachers for everything they have done for me. My results would not have been the same without them”  

Head Teacher Mr Maltby responded to this strong set of GCSE results “I am so proud of our students for the hard work and resilience they have shown. I also want to thank all their teachers for their extraordinary commitment to our young people. What is fantastic about these results is the success for different students on different pathways and shows the school’s continued commitment to personalised learning and the inclusive ethos of the Every Child Every Day Academy Trust”.


Our 2019 Exam Results
GCSE Hollyfield Grade 4 or better National Grade 4 or better Hollyfield Grade 7 or better National Grade 7 or better
English 79% 62% 23% 14%
Maths 77% 59% 27% 16%

This table gives a summary of Progress 8 and Attainment 8 data

  2018 2019
Progress 8 -0.08 0.04
Attainment 8 49.1 (National = 46.5) 49.3

This link shows Hollyfield's KS4 and KS5 progress and attinament data in comparison to national averages.

List of subjects studied in KS4

Important Information Regarding Summer 2020 Public Examinations

Contingency Date - Wednesday 24th June 2020

May I draw your attention to important information regarding the dates for next year’s GCSE and A Level examinations: The Joint Council for Qualifications have announced a Contingency Date.

A Contingency Date is a day specifically set aside for students to sit Public Examinations, should sustained national or local disruption arise during the examination series which prevents an examination taking place on the timetabled date. In the event that an examination could not take place on the timetabled date, the GCSE and/or GCE (A Level) examinations would be taken, either for the first time, or again, on the Contingency Date. The Contingency Date for Summer 2020 is Wednesday 24 th June 2020.

Therefore, students taking public examinations in 2020 should not book a holiday, or plan to be any distance from school, before Thursday 25th June 2020. Thanks

Exam Results Days
GCSE Post Results Application
GCE Post Results Application
Examination Key Downloads

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