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Year 7 Curriculum Information - French & Spanish
Topics covered in the Autumn term
  • Introduce yourself
  • Descriptions of yourself and others
  • Brothers & Sisters
  • Describing a photo
  • Things you like and dislike
  • School Subjects
  • School Uniform
  • School Day
  • Typical French/Spanish school

Autumn Term Grammar

  • Present tense of "to have"
  • Indefinite & definite articles
  • Present tense of "to like"
  • Adjective agreement
  • Present tense of "to be"
  • Infinitive verbs and regular verbs
  • Using numbers to say age, give dates & tell the time
Topics Covered in the Spring Term
  • Sports you "play" and sports you "do"
  • Sports in French/Spanish speaking countries
  • What you like doing
  • Interview with a celebrity
  • My family
  • Where you live
  • Breakfast food & drink
  • Celebrating national days in France/Spain

Spring Term Grammar

  • Present tense of "to play" and "to do"
  • Using cognates & context
  • Using the verb "to like" + infinitive
  • Forming and answering questions
  • Possessive adjectives
  • "We" form of present verbs
  • Partitive articles
  • Substituting words to make your own texts
Topics Covered in the Summer Term
  • Where you go at the weekend
  • Inviting someone out/making plans
  • Ordering food and drink
  • What you are going to do
  • Culture: Describing a film
  • Culture: Describing a character
  • Culture: Predicting what will happen next
  • Culture: Opinion of the film

Summer Term Grammar

  • Using numbers to understand prices
  • Present tense of "to go"
  • Present tense of "to want"
  • Using "you" forms of different verbs
  • Near future tense (to go + infinitive)
  • Using two tenses together
  • Autumn 1: Writing & Translation
  • Autumn 2: Listening, Reading & Writing
  • Spring 1: Writing & Translation
  • Spring 2: Speaking
  • Summer 1: Listening, Reading & Writing (Exam)
Special Requirements/Equipment (what you should buy!)
  • French/Spanish dictionary
  • Whiteboard pen
  • Green pen
  • Highlighters
Home Learning

Differentiated Home Learning Menu Tasks (These relate to all of the topics studied)

Useful Websites

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