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Year 7 Curriculum Information - Design & Technology
Subject outline.

During Year 7 pupils’ will experience projects in several different areas of Technology. We have a carousel system, with each project lasting between 8 -10 weeks depending on the term times. They will all do four projects during the year, Food, Textiles, ICT and Product Design.

Topics Covered.

Food: This is a skills based project aimed at giving pupils a sound skills base and nutritional knowledge. Pupils will have the opportunity to produce a snack, coleslaw/fruit salad, apple crumble and fairy cakes.

Product Design: This project introduces students to working with wood and rudimentary mechanisms. They will learn to work safely in workshops using tools and machinery.

Textiles: This project introduces different methods of hand sewing and how to use a sewing machine correctly. They aim to produce a drawstring bag decorated using the appliqué technique.

Business: Students look at famous entrepreneurs and their skills, and then become an Entrepreneur by presenting a business idea in a Dragons Den setting.


All students will complete four projects throughout the year.  Each is marked with two focus areas that are pertinent to the project and reflect an area of assessment in the deign process together with an outcome mark.  The student receives individual marks for these and an averaged mark for their project.  These marks feed into a data base that will produce an average mark at the end of the year for each student allowing for suitable targets to be set to enable progression.

Throughout the design process students are encouraged to learn new vocabulary.  They are asked to research into and explore other designers and will produce short reports on a regular basis.  As designing requires an ability to understand scale and measurement all students will use their mathematical skills during their projects, e.g. working out the quantities of materials required for a design or weighing and measuring ingredients in food.

Special Requirements/Equipment

Students should always arrive with a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and a selection of coloured pencils. Students will always be informed of special requirements as and when necessary. During the food project they will be required to provide ingredients for the practical sessions and will be given ingredient lists a week prior to the lesson.

Home Learning

Home learning is set and marked in line with the whole school policy. In most instances home learning work sheets are provided with extension tasks. Home learning is also set on the SMHW website.

Reading List

Each area has a selection of text books used to support classroom delivery.

Useful Websites

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