Important Messages: The school is now closed for half term. School returns on 31st October for years 11, 12 and 13. All other years return on the 4th November.
Year 10 Curriculum Information - RE
Examination Board


Topics covered in the Autumn term
  • Christianity Belief In God: Cosmological argument, The Design Argument, Scientific explanations of the world and different Christian views on this
  • Christianity Religious Experience: Numinous, Miracles, Answered Prayers, Near-death experiences
Topics Covered in the Spring Term
  • Christianity religious experience: The Sacraments, Understanding of God
  • Belief In Allah: The Problem of Evil and Muslim responses to this.
Topics Covered in the Summer Term
  • Belief in Allah: The nature of God, The six Beliefs in Sunni Islam and five roots of ‘Usul ad-Din in Shi’a Islam, The Five Pillars of Sunni Islam and Ten Obligatory Acts of Shi’a Islam
  • Revision of Year 9 topics

Termly examinations and one end of year examination - 50 minutes.

Special Requirements/Equipment

Students will need a ruler, black pen and a green pen.

Home Learning

Home-learning is set each week. All class work and home-learning is marked. Books are collected in regularly.

Reading List

Resources are not available yet.

Useful Websites
BBC Bitesize GCSE Religious Studies- Christianity and Islam

Pupils are not set in R.E.

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