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Year 10 Curriculum Information - Design & Technology: Texitles Design
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Subject outline.

The course has been developed to enable students to demonstrate their creativity, with the making of textile products a vital feature of the student’s experience during the course. The course is clear, realistic and straightforward and designed to maximise practical opportunities. This course builds on the previous KS3 work, allowing students to develop their creativity and introduce new skills and materials.

Topics Covered.

Students will develop their skills through the following activities in the initial two terms. Double lessons will focus on practical elements of the course and single lessons will focus on the theory elements. The third term will begin the GCSE coursework.

Double lessons will focus on creating a glossary of practical techniques together with a corsetry project this will include the following areas:

  • Embellishment, printing, surface decoration, fabric manipulation, fastenings, seams.
  • Product analysis of corsets, questionnaire making and analysis.
  • History of corsets
  • Shop profile
  • Design specification, initial designs and development.
  • Design and market influences. Social, moral, spiritual, cultural issues involved in the design and production of textiles products. Types of manufacture.

Single lessons will cover theory including the following areas:

  • Fibres and fabrics – understanding the difference between natural, synthetic and regenerated fibres and their qualities. Understanding how these qualities alter when mixed or blended.
  • Smart and modern materials – How these are used in industry and their applications.
  • Assessing and evaluating fabric qualities in order to create a manufactures fabric specification.
  • Finishing processes that alter the qualities of the fabrics and their application.

Students will receive structured and detailed feedback every three weeks on how to improve and move forward. They will also receive separate targets to enable them to meet the requirements of the course. Verbal feedback is always given throughout lessons and should be recorded on their verbal feedback sheet for reference.

Special Requirements/Equipment

Students should always arrive with a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and a selection of coloured pencils. Students will always be informed of special requirements as and when necessary. During the course students may be required to provide materials for the practical sessions and must be organised and responsible for ensuring they have the correct materials for their requirements.

Home Learning

Home learning is set and marked in line with the whole school policy. Templates exemplars and supporting materials are available for reference and use where necessary to complete the necessary coursework based independent study.

Reading List

Each area has a selection of text books used to support classroom delivery.

Useful Websites

GCSE Bitesize.

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