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Year 10 Curriculum Information - Computer Science
Examination Board


Topics covered in the Autumn term
  • Problem Solving
  • Algorithms
  • Programming Constructs
  • Variables & constants
  • Data Structures & data types
  • Identifiers
  • String Handling
  • Mathematical & logical operations
  • Sorting
Topics Covered in the Spring Term
  • Data representation, numbers, graphics & sound
  • Storage of characters
  • File Design
  • Data validation & verification
  • Computer Hardware
  • Input/Output
  • Operating Systems
  • Storage – primary/secondary
  • Embedded systems
  • Boolean logic
Topics Covered in the Summer Term
  • Software Engineering
  • Compilers, interpreters & assemblers
  • Scope of the problem
  • Design
  • Refinement log
  • Effectiveness of solution
  • Technical quality
  • Test Strategy
  • There is an end of chapter test for each unit of work
  • There will be end of year exam assessing all work covered during Year 10 in the Summer examination series
Special Requirements/Equipment

Students will need a calculator, ruler, black pen, green pen, pencil, & glue

Home Learning

Homelearning tasks will be set to include a variety of different tasks to cement and/or extend learning of key scientific concepts as well as researching new technologies. Extended writing and presentation skills will be assessed in homelearning tasks

Useful Websites

There will be 3 lessons in Year 10 and are taught in mixed ability groups.

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