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Complaints ~ Complaints from the public
Complaints Procedure
For Members of the Public
  1. The Informal Stage
    First Stage:

    Contact the school in writing or by phone to explain your concerns. The Headteacher's PA will determine the nature of the complaint and who to direct the complaint to. The matter will then be investigated and we will seek to resolve the difficulties. If you are still not satisfied you will need to move on to the formal stage.

  2. The Formal Stage
    Second Stage:

    Contact the Headteacher in writing and ask for an appointment to discuss the matter, giving details of your concerns. The Headteacher will look into the issues you have raised and respond once the relevant facts have been established.

    Third Stage:

    In the unlikely event that the Headteacher has been unable to resolve the issues to your satisfaction, write to the Chairman of the Governing Body, c/o the school. The Chairman or a nominated Governor will investigate and respond directly to you.

  3. The Panel Hearing Stage
    Fourth Stage:

    Very few concerns reach this formal stage. A formal complaint is heard when all previous stages have been undertaken and the issue remains unresolved.

    If you decide to take this formal action, you will need to write to the Governing Body (via the Clerk to the Governors), at the school, stating that you wish to make a formal complaint. The Governing Body will convene a small panel of governors, who have not been involved previously, to look in detail at the issues you raise. One member of the panel will be completely independent of the school, the management and the governors.

    You will be invited to attend a meeting of the panel to discuss your complaint. You will given at least 14 days notice of the panel hearing. After fully considering your complaint the panel will write to you within 14 days to inform you of its decision.

    For most complaints about a school the decision of the panel is the last stage in the procedure. However, there are certain types of complaints for which a Fifth Stage is open to you.

  4. Education Funding Agency
    Fifth Stage:

    The fifth stage involves contacting the Education Funding Agency who will advise you on what you need to do. A complaint should be sent via the Department for Education's schools complaints form (available at www.education.gov.uk) by post to Department for Education, Castle View House, East Lane, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 2GJ

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