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Years 7 - 13 Careers Information, advice & guidance

Hollyfield is committed to providing high quality careers education, information, advice and guidance to all of its students. Hollyfield has a planned careers programme for students and covers a wide range of activities that take place in tutor time, out of school hours, assemblies, PDW and through subject lessons. To see The Hollyfield School's Careers Policy and Careers programme please click here

Students can go to see the careers team for information, advice and guidance around their post 14, 16 and 18 options and careers choices. Mr Poole is the Career Coordinator who is based in the LRC Monday - Thursday and you can get in touch with him on 020 8339 4500 or email: ipoole@hollyfield.kingston.sch.uk. You can also get in touch with our Careers Adviser, Miss Corrighan on 020 8339 4500 or email: bcorrighan@hollyfield.kingston.sch.uk

We welcome volunteers from business or industry to come and share their knowledge and experience of the world of work with students, either by taking part in careers networking events; talks or mock interviews. Also if you are a local provider of Technical, Further Education or apprenticeships and wish to contact students in the school regarding future opportunities please contact Mr.Poole the Careers Coordinator. See link to Access policy.

One to one careers guidance interviews take place with the careers team to personalise the support you receive and you can make an appointment with the careers team by speaking to them directly or asking your form tutor or head of year.

Information on different careers platforms

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